We specialize in preparing competent ESOP appraisals.


Are you contemplating setting up a new Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) and seeking a qualified appraiser to accomplish the original appraisal?   Or have you already adopted an ESOP for your company employees a number of years ago and simply are not satisfied with the quality of the appraisals submitted?


And you now seek an ESOP appraiser that is:  

  •          experienced and well-educated        
  •          a good listener        
  •          objective        
  •          honest, and        
  •          reliable.


Perhaps we can help. 


Lentz & Company was originally established in 1998, and has an extensive record of working with clients to research and write ESOP appraisals that are:       

  •          well-researched        
  •          thorough        
  •          insightful        
  •          unbiased, and        
  •          well-written.