ASA Norcal President’s Message for December 2011 – Robert P. Lentz III, ASA


A Message to Applicants and Candidates Regarding Mentoring Night


On Thursday, December 8th, the Chapter is holding our most important event of the year – Mentoring Night. What was in prior years “Candidates’ Night” has had a name change which your Board believes is rather meaningful.


In our Chapter, we have a total membership of 255, some 78 (or roughly 30%) of whom are Candidates, and 27 (or 10%) of whom are Applicants, those who have not yet taken and passed the Ethics and USPAP Examinations. It has always been the major goal of your Board to encourage accreditation, and “bump” the number of Accredited Members and Accredited Senior Appraisers from 150 (or 60%) of the membership to 80% or more.


Our focus is to help by mentoring those candidates who may have taken at least one or more of the four “POV” (Principles of Valuation) classes offered by ASA National, and have those Candidates earn their accreditations as soon as possible. It has been your Board’s collective experience that the more quickly a Candidate completes all four POV courses and submits the required sample copy of an appraisal report for peer review, the more likely it is that accreditation will ultimately be earned.


Our Chapter has a terrific cadre of accomplished and personable people to help all our Candidates. Of the 150 accredited appraisers in our Chapter, the following table shows how many potential mentors are available in each discipline:


                        ASA NorCal Chapter                               Accredited Appraisers

                        Business Valuation                                                64                       43%

                        Real Property                                                        33                       22%

                        Machinery & Technical Specialties                       28                      19%

                        Personal Property                                                 16                      11%

                        Gems & Jewelry                                                    5                        3%

                        Appraisal Reviews & Management                       2                        1%



But you the Candidate must take the first step to show us that you are serious about earning your designation. We’re here to help you if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.


Please join us on Thursday, December 8th at 6:30 p.m. at our usual venue, L’Olivier Restaurant, at 465 Davis Street in San Francisco. Bring a friend who may also be a Candidate or Applicant. You could even select the Accredited Member or Accredited Senior Appraiser whom you would like to be your mentor, and invite him or her along. The more the merrier!


And speaking of “merry,” this December 8th date is also the date of our Holiday Party. A good time will be had by all. ‘See you there!

We always welcome your input, and thank you for your support. Happy Holidays!




Robert P. Lentz III, ASA NorCal Chapter President 2010-2012           

Accredited Senior Appraiser                                   

     in Business Valuation

Lentz & Company, Inc.

8 Waldeck Ct.

Oakland, CA   94611-1744

Direct:                        510-530-0296                       

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