ASA Norcal President’s Message for April 2012 – Robert P. Lentz III, ASA


What We Have Accomplished Together

                                                and How a Little TEAMWORK Benefits Us All


As my extended term of two years as your Chapter president comes to a close in just two months, I am particularly proud of how far we have come as a group, and how we have successfully developed as a team.


While we have not just yet met all of our current goals and objectives, our accomplishments are many, and I congratulate all my friends and colleagues in the Chapter who have made this progress possible. To mention just a few of these accomplishments, and in no particular order:


                       The Chapter Bylaws updated and streamlined

                       The establishment of ASA-CA, our California lobbying entity

                       Our award-winning Chapter Newsletter

                       Our newly-revamped Chapter Website    TRY IT !!!


                       The efforts made to link with the popular social media websites

                       The beginnings of virtual meetings and web-related seminars

                       Chapter sponsorship of USPAP and other continuing education classes


                       Implementation of the very successful mini-seminars programs

                       Efforts to create more discipline-centric meetings

                       The success of our Mentors’ / Candidates’ Night           

                       The preliminary steps to establish of our “Young Appraisers Network”

                       The rise in attendance and interest in our monthly dinner meetings


Obviously, all this was accomplished with the dedication of your Chapter Board and others, all of whom have worked diligently and unselfishly on behalf of all our members. We have repeatedly been told that our Chapter is one of the most active ASA chapters in the country. And the key to all this has been TEAMWORK!


When I first became actively involved in the Chapter some seven years ago, I had many trepidations about trying to balance the time requirements of being a self-employed BV appraiser and being able to make a meaningful commitment to the ASA. But looking back on that experience, I value it as much as any other in my lifetime.


The Chapter Board has heard me repeat quite often, “Train your turtle.” That’s an old Army expression meaning that you don’t move up and out without having someone else ready, willing and able to take your place. Personally that expression has applied to most of the professional situations I have experienced over the past fifty years. And it is one which hopefully my valued successors will pass along to their successors.


One last thought, and one that keeps me so enthusiastic about working. A good team is one that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I hope my ASA colleagues will agree that we have had a lot of fun and a few laughs over these past years. I know I have.




Robert P. Lentz III, ASA NorCal Chapter President 2010-2012           

Accredited Senior Appraiser in Business Valuation

Lentz & Company, Inc.

8 Waldeck Ct.

Oakland, CA   94611-1744

Direct:                        510-530-0296                       

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